P/Kaufmann began collaborating with Pollack in 2003 when we requested the exclusive rights to reproduce their designs for our customers on specific, one-time projects. In 2005, we introduced a woven line called the “Pollack by PKC” collection, in which we weave down and market selected Pollack designs for the hospitality market. Our latest joint effort, the “Pollack by PKC VIII” collection, debuted in the Fall of 2016.

We greatly value this collaboration with the Pollack team – a partnership built on respect and our common values of integrity, creativity and excellence.




Our Pollack VIII collection features patterns including HFR MP In Flux, HFR MP Oh Gee, HFR MP Helsinki, HFR MP Shisha, HFR MP Prodigy, MP Equus, PRE DPO MP Diety, and PAL DPO MP Painted Velvet.



Our Pollack VII collection features patterns including PAL MP Composure, MP Adorn, MP Medallion Plush, NFP MP Beam, NFP MP Honeycomb, NFP MP Opening Line, and PAL MP Circumstance.