At P/Kaufmann Contract we believe that corporate and environmental responsibility are inextricably linked. Over the past three decades we have worked to develop a culture and initiatives that protect the environment and enhance our community.

Fostering Sustainability within the Hospitality Community

From our own operation to our innovative manufacturing partners and forward-thinking customers, we strive to reduce the impact of our products on the ecosystem at each stage of the life cycle.

We are proud to be a Founding Member of the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (HSPC), through which we’ve engaged with our clients and peers in a broad but focused dialogue to establish a sustainability measurement for hospitality industry suppliers. The MindClick Group has facilitated the development of a required annual assessment of the Fair Labor and Human Rights practices, Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing, and Product Sustainability of Marriott’s suppliers and their products in the annual MSAP Supplier Sustainability Assessment Program. Each year our products have been scored at the Achiever or Leader levels under this responsible sourcing practices and supply chain principles evaluation.

Mindful Material Sourcing and Manufacturing Practices

We look carefully at the manufacturing practices and the material composition of the products we bring to our clients. When sourcing materials for our printed and woven fabrics, we seek out suppliers with robust environmental strategies.

An increasing number of our products have earned certifications that monitor environmental and health concerns and feature recycled content. We offer custom development capabilities to meet your sustainability requirements, including 100% recycled content base cloths for custom print designs.


Waste Reduction

We strive to reduce waste in all areas of operations from manufacturing to end of life. Our warehouse team has undertaken an initiative to reduce waste by using the minimal amount of packing materials when shipping products to our customers and the material that we do use is sourced from recycled content.  

Many of our products find new life in partnerships with non-profits. Since 2004, we have supported Good360 with fabric donations from our product line. Our design studios in NYC collect fabric waste to donate to FabScrap, an organization that aims to help reduce the textiles sent to landfill and supply materials to new ventures. 

Digital Revolution

Made in America

Our major domestic print source utilizes water-based rather than chemical-based inks, and recently installed an in-house water filtration system to ensure that clean, filtered water is returned to the community. They also use recycled water throughout the manufacturing process and source heat transfer printing paper that is Forest Stewardship Council certified. After it has been used for printing our fabrics, the paper is recycled to eliminate waste.